Francesco Spendolini _ clarinet

Francesco was one of the first Italian musicians I’ve met in Basel. He’s a real clarinet virtuoso, I listened him in several concerts in Basel, using different instruments of the family of the historical “woods”, that I never heard before (…like the small “Chalumeau Soprano” or the “Corno di Bassetto” by unusual design), he played with high sensibility the beautiful music of Telemann, Mozart, but also Schubert, Rossini and the great Italian music of the romantic period. At the end of april he called me for shooting some photos and during the hours we spent together, he revealed spontaneously his true dual identity: one most romantic and melancholy of a timeless dimension, and the other one in the radiance of a new present light, a man and his instrument in the middle of the contemporarity.

a special thanks to the « Museum Kleines Klingental, Basel » where the photos were taken